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Summer weddings are unique for a number of reasons, the most obvious of which is that you can have them outside, which opens up a lot of possibilities. You can have your wedding during the day or at night, at any of your favourite outdoor locations, rather than being relegated to indoor venues and specific times of day. Furthermore, you have more potential for decorations and events with outdoor weddings, as there is simply more possibility when you have all of the outdoors as your venue! One particularly popular feature for outdoor weddings in recent years, in fact, is the use of Chinese lanterns as decorations.

If you’ve never used or seen Chinese sky lanterns before, the best way to describe them is that they are essentially miniature hot air balloons, designed for decoration. With wire frames and covers of different colours or designs, you simply light a lantern in the bottom and set them loose, and they float in the air as fire lit beacons. Typically you can buy sky lanterns in packs, and once you release a number of them into a night sky they can really make quite a sight. They are often used for specific celebrations or events, and can be commemorative or celebratory depending on the specific occasion.

So, if you are looking for a unique touch of decoration for your outdoor wedding, it is easy to see why Chinese sky lanterns might be well worth considering. You can get multicoloured ones, white ones, or even lanterns with designs on their covers – whatever the case, however, releasing a number of lit lanterns at one time can make a great spectacle at your wedding. You can do it before the dancing begins, when the happy couple says “I do,” or really at any other strategic point during the wedding – just make sure you have your O2 camera phone standing by! It’s sure to be quite a sight.

This is just one of countless examples of how to make an outdoor summer wedding particularly memorable. Of course, many couples prefer something a bit understated for their wedding celebrations, and there is something to be said for smaller events. However, adding a simple but memorable touch like sky lanterns to your outdoor wedding can really give the event some unique personality. The night will stand out as even more special, and your friends and family likely won’t forget it any time soon. So, if you are planning a wedding soon, or even if your wedding is already scheduled, it can’t hurt to consider such options.

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